The Homeopathy 'Hot Line' - Free help

What is Homeopathy Hot Line?


The Healing Hands' Homeopathy Hot Line assists you with questions about homeopathy.


For this free service, we:-


  • Provide general information about homeopathy

  • Suggest possible course of action for addressing the chronic symptoms

  • Advise how to take remedies and when and how often they should be taken

  • Explain what changes you should expect from a remedy

  • Advise when further help or investigation may be needed

The service is in English.

Is this service just for current patients?

No, this service is not only for current patients. It’s for anyone needing an answer to a question about homeopathy.

How do I use It?

Using the Healing Hands homeopathy phone help service is easy.

Just call us at our contact number +1 905 925 0281 and we'll answer your call. If the practitioner is busy with other appointments, she'll get back to you subsequently.

We look forward to talking with you at the time of your call.