Homeopathy for children

Infant's health


In my experience babies and Infants respond beautifully to homeopathy.  Below are some of the common complaints that I see in my daily practice showing better results soon by homeopathy




Many babies experience colic.  Parents notice that their baby is uncomfortable and may notice that the baby is pulling their knees into their chest or arching their back in discomfort.  Different babies experience colic in different ways. Homeopath tries to understand the type of colic baby is suffering from and gives an individualised medicine to relive the discomfort. In addition breast feeding mothers can be suggested some changes in their diet etc.


Nappy Rash


It is common for babies to experience nappy rash at some times.  Often just the use of calendula cream will help, but  a remedy is required if the rash is angry and very sore, if it becomes infected or is of a fungal origin.


Birth Trauma or difficult pregnancy


If it was a difficult or traumatic birth or pregnancy, sometimes the babies will hold onto the feelings they or their mother felt at that time.  These emotions can sometimes be expressed by sleep problems, constipation/ diarrhoea, excessive crying.  Homeopathy can bring balance to the emotions and allow the body to release any tension from those experiences. 

Teething troubles


Crying of children with pain during teething, Diarrhoea, undigested milk is vomited, delayed teething etc. etc.


Mental symptoms


Problems after vaccination, Difficult children, weak memory, lack of concentration, Cruel and short tempered, Zealous of , lack of confidence, Shy, Fearful,  delayed speech etc.


Low weight gain


Sometimes babies are slow to gain weight in the beginning, this can be worrying for parents.  Giving a homeopathic constitutional remedy to the baby or a remedy that matches any additional symptoms can often give the body the push it needs, it may also be the case that this is due to breastfeeding issues that can also be supported.  It is advised that a baby who has slow weight gain is under the care of the local health visitor. 


Mucus and Colds etc


Many babies suffer from excess mucus, especially if it was a caesarean birth.  Homeopathy can be used to help drain the mucus, increase the child's vitality and support the lungs if there are any breathing difficulties.  With any breathing difficulties, it is always advised to seek the advice of a Doctor initially. 



Children's Health


Children respond very well to homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are gentle and assist the natural bodily systems to restore rather than suppressing the symptoms. Below are some examples of where it may be useful:




Eczema is an uncomfortable skin condition and may vary between itchy dry patches, and blisters that aggravate into sores and get infected. Generally conventual medicine approach to eczema is to prescribe steroids, which is not good for immune system. Skin conditions are indication that an imbalance exists in the body, homeopathy works well in identifying this and restoring the stable state. Patients who are already on steroid can slowly taper the dosage and depend on homeopathic constitutional remedy to build vitality of the patient. 

Skin Rashes

Skin disorders are the second most common reason to see a doctor. Millions of children are living with different types of skin ailments. 


A healthy skin is central to a child's overall well-being and is essential for their emotional, physical and immune system development in the long term. At Healing Hands Homeopathic Clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to your child's skin health.


Skin ailments can range from mild to severe and irrespective of their severity it is perhaps the most overwhelming ailment for parents to deal with as they often try several types of creams and dietary restrictions. Many parents find themselves getting exhausted trying to stay away form foods with minimal success both in keeping away from those foods and in the change for the child's skin health.  




Asthma is common amongst children and with increased deterioration of air quality across the world it has become a common problem. A few children have allergic asthma where the symptoms get aggravated due to irritants like animal hair, pollens etc others may have more permanent symptoms. Asthma is a condition where the bronchi  - the tubes carrying air to the lungs - become inflamed and limit the amount of air that passes through them. A conventional approach is to prescribe steroid and bronchodilator inhalers to manage the symptoms. However, homeopathy works on the genetic connections to first deal with the susceptibility and then a therapeutic remedy works to deal with the symptoms shown. The actions depend on the individual's condition and  once the condition is stabilised the use of steroids can be tapered and homeopathic constitutional remedy can be prescribed to build vitality of the patient.

Homeopathy for Autism / ADHD


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is getting very common these days and one finds many children on this spectrum with varying degrees of autism / condition. Some children have behavioral and learning problems and may find it difficult to relate to other people.

Homeopathy for autism, works on individualized symptoms and thus it seeks to strip the child of the label and looks at what symptoms and behaviors are unique to them in order to support their individuality. Homeopathy for autism has shown significant results in various cases depending on the severity on the spectrum / scale.   

Sleep Problems


Children undergoing stress, experiencing bullying in school, amongst friends can easily loose sleep or develop other symptoms during sleep. Sleep problems simply manifest because of the subconscious mind and any experience in real life can trouble during sleep in terms of night terrors and nightmares. Sometimes, there are fears that need to be addressed, such as fear of monsters or of the dark. Whatever the reason, homeopathy can help a great deal in handling these sleep problems in children.

Ear Infections (Otitis Media)


While ear infections are usually not serious, they can be painful and cause sleepless nights. Most ear infections occur when a child has a cold for a few days. 


An ear infection is called otitis media which is a medical term for a middle ear infection and is very common in children from 6 months old to three years of age. For some children who are prone to frequent ear infections, we can help improve their immune system. 


At Healing Hands Homeopathic Clinic approach to paediatric health is not only in providing treatment for ailments but also in providing preventative medicine. 

Homeopathy for Indigestion


Gastrointestinal disorders are the third most common reason to see a doctor. Millions of children are living with different types of digestive disturbances. 


A healthy digestive system is central to a child's overall well-being and is essential for their emotional, physical and immune system development in the long term. At Healing Hands Homeopathic Clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to your child's digestive health. Homeopathy is the best alternative medicine for indigestion problem in children. It is found that homeopathy medicine for indigestion is very helpful.


If needed, we provide stool analysis which identifies potential underlying concerns ranging from abnormal bacteria, yeast, parasites and inflammatory markers as well as nutritional testing to determine potential concerns with the absorption of fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and food intolerance.  

Recurrent infections


Homeopathy has time and again proven to be very helpful in addressing the underlying susceptibility of children to catch frequent infections, it assists the immune system to restore the body's innate fighting capabilities and restore health. Homeopathy for hay fever is also very helpful in healing. 

A few more conditions where patients regularly seek help from an homeopath:

  • Bed-wetting

  • Polio

  • Convulsions 

  • Rickets

  • Marasmus

  • Hay Fever

Teenager's Health


Teenage years are always great for children, growing up and experiencing new ways of life, however these times can be as challenging for parents and for teenagers while transitioning from childhood to adulthood, stressful situations at school, increased hormone levels etc. Below are some of the most common issues that crop up in teenagers and homeopathy can help teenagers with these complaints

Anxiety and Stress


Pressure of studies and exams, changes in hormone levels, parent's and peer group's expectations, etc can be very stressful for a teenager. Homeopathy helps to balance everything and makes this transitional phase much easier. Anxiety presents in many ways from sleep disturbances, to panic attacks, to anticipatory anxiety etc and can be relieved by homeopathy. 

There can be many issues for growing teenage girls and in general for all teenagers like Bullying, body image issues and self-esteem. Homeopathy can help in all these complaints a great deal.