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About the practice

The Healing Hands homeopathy clinic offers a holistic approach to your health and happiness. We focus on restoring and maintaining a healthy state of body and mind. Our approach of treatment is based on the fundamental tenets of homeopathy, that individualizes the symptoms. Symptoms of one individual may call for a totally different remedy than another individual, who appears to be showing similar symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines work without side effects to stimulate the body’s immune system so the body can heal itself. Where conventional medicine simply defines health as the lack of symptoms, homeopathy defines health as the lack of disease, strengthening the person overall, in body, mind, and spirit. Thus the relief is long-lasting and is achieved by addressing the root causes. 

At The Healing Hands homeopathy clinic, we offer a holistic treatment for all long term chronic conditions, as well as present acute symptoms. We seek to match the patient with his / her own unique constitutional remedy through a careful and detailed examination of the patient's physical, emotional, and mental 'makeup'.

We work with many patients, of all ages and throughout the country. We are located at the heart of Brampton / Greater Toronto Area, and are available for in-person appointments at our location during office hours and for online homeopathic doctor consultation on request. Do get in touch for any queries.

Practice hours

Monday to Friday      9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday - With prior appointment only


Phone and online homeopathic doctor consultations are available on request within and outside of clinic hours.

You may visit us by scheduled appointment or by filling in an appointment booking form given herein.

Cost of a consultation and follow-ups

Generally the initial consultation lasts for about an hour. The length of time needed for follow-up appointments will depend on your health condition. Our appointment rates (in Canadian Dollars) are as follows:-

  • Initial Consultation - $120

  • Follow-up Consultation - $100

Homeopathy medicine in Brampton will be provided by us (at no extra cost) at the end of consultation or can be dispatched at your office / home address at an additional cost of $15 - 20 for shipping. Remedies are generally provided for 10 - 14 days initially during the course of treatment, thereafter follow-up appointments are also made at 10 - 14 day intervals based on your condition. Number of visits you will need, will depend on your health condition.

Paying for consultations

Consultations can be paid by credit / debit card or cash on the day of the appointment (and by Interac for phone or online consultations).


Insurance: Many health insurance companies in Canada cover homeopathy.  However, the terms of this coverage vary according to the individual, group, and self-employed plans offered within each corporate division of each company.

You are advised to check with your extended benefits carrier whether your policy includes homeopathic treatment (sometimes included under paramedical services). If your policy does not provide the coverage you require, you are encouraged to be pro-active. You can write the insurance company, asking them to include homeopathy in your type of coverage. If that fails, you can instruct your broker to find a plan that does cover homeopathy.

Video and audio consultations

If you don't live close to the clinic or for any reason you are unable to attend the clinic for a consultation, online homeopathic doctor consultation are available. Please contact us for any further details and to schedule an appointment.

Contact In between Appointments

If you have any queries in between appointments, please email on info@thehealinghands.ca, call or text on +1 (905) 925 0281. Please leave a message and the practitioner will get back to you as soon as possible

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About the practitioner

Bindia Arora, BHMS, MD (Hom), Hom is renowned homeopath and a registered and licensed

practitioner in Ontario, Canada.

She completed her Bachelors in homeopathy, with a distinction and her Masters in homeopathy as

a merit student. She has been practicing for last 16+ years.  

Soon upon her graduation, Bindia started working for a long-term care centre, serving and treating

resident senior citizens, who were in need of a palliative care, with homeopathy, and counselling to keep

them optimistic.

She also was instrumental in setting up a thriving outpatient department as part of her duties in the long-term care centre. She served the elderly for about five years, and thereafter she served the families of officers and soldiers of Navy, as a Homeopath.

She pursued her MD (Homeopathy) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India and also picked up teaching assignments with various prestigious institutions like Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College, Mangalore, India and Sri Kamakshi Devi Homeopathic Medical College, Goa, India.


Bindia has been successfully running her practice for the last 16 plus years and treating patients of various ages for their acute and chronic conditions. She has delivered various lectures and seminars on lifestyle diseases and on geriatric depression. Her keen interest in mental health is even more relevant in the present times when each individual is surrounded by so many pressures and anxieties in personal and professional lives.

Bindia is an avid swimmer and in younger days has participated in national level swimming competitions. Recently she represented her province in the master’s national event and won medals.

Presently she runs her practice by the name of ‘The Healing Hands homeopathy clinic’ and also teaches homeopathic therapeutics in a homeopathy college. She is a firm believer of giving back to society in whatever way possible. She is open for participating in any social initiative and volunteering opportunities. She is settled in Brampton, Ontario with her family.


What to expect during a visit

Initial or first consultation

Before the appointment date, and time of your visit, please try to fill the detailed intake form to share the history with the healthcare practitioner, and please do bring all the test results and reports (like X-rays, laboratory results etc) along with the list of all the medication that you are currently taking.

During your visit, we are here to make you comfortable and answer any queries and questions that you may have about the treatment.

Your first consultation with the practitioner may take about an hour. Your practitioner will ask you about your chief concerns regarding your discomforts / disease in detail, including things like:

·  Sensations (eg. What does the pain feel like?)

·  Times of the day it is better or worse, or when the condition comes on (eg. headaches that come on late afternoon)

·  Anything that makes your condition better or worse (eg. Cough better going outside, cramps better with heat or pressure)


Your practitioner will also want to know how your body generally functions. In other words, what is typical for you in terms of:

·  Body temperature

·  Perspiration

·  Bowel movements and urination

·  Appetite, food cravings

·  Menstruation etc

Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. As this is a holistic wellness center where, your practitioner will also want to know all about your personality:

·  How you interact with others (strangers, family, friends and co workers)

·  How you deal with stress, anger, etc

·  Your likes and dislikes

·  Any past traumas etc

Using all of this information, your practitioner will prescribe a remedy that fits all of your conditions and concerns. Your practitioner might also make some nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

You’ll also be explained how to follow the advice and where to call, should you have any questions before your next follow-up visit. 


Follow up Consultations


Continuing regular visits with your practitioner is of utmost importance to get long term and significant results. You may feel your remedy worked well and so you do not need to return or you may have the impression that your remedy did absolutely nothing and you decide not to return in your disappointment.


It’s important to remember that health is a dynamic process and your practitioner has the larger picture in mind. We want to ensure that healing is deep and lasting. Sometimes initial changes are subtle and you can miss them if you don’t know what to look for, or perhaps the remedy or potency requires tweaking to get a better result. So, please observe any subtle changes in your condition and share with the practitioner during your follow-ups and this’ll ensure the prescription is accordingly tweaked.


The practitioner will discuss the timeline for your follow-up appointment, and will help you schedule it considering the preferred date and time that best suits you.

If you are running late for an appointment: Inform us at +1 (905) 925 0281, as soon as you can. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may have to reschedule your visit.